EP 507: Naked Life Story – Angela C.

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When Angela felt out of control, she turned to alcohol and Xanax to ease the pain she felt inside. But when a health crisis forced her to quit the booze so her body could heal, she discovered an inner strength that she had never tapped into before.

Tune in to hear how This Naked Mind app helped change her mindset for good. And how she is finding peace within by connecting to her higher self – without alcohol or pills.

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Highlights of Alcohol and Xanax – Angela C’s Story

Angela learned at a very early age that when life is out of control, substances help. Check out the details of her journey:

  • In 7th grade Angela dealt with the death of her grandma by drinking until she was sick – By 9th grade she was binge drinking every weekend
  • Her excessive consumption continued into her 20’s – One evening, she got blackout drunk and woke up in the hospital
  • When her boyfriend attempted to help her cut back on her drinking – She began taking Xanex instead
  • Angela and her entire family were forced to move from their home. After they all got gravely sick from black mold – She was told she had to stop drinking alcohol
  • She moved in with her parents and began focusing on her health. She looked into alternative healing and meditation
  • When she was able to move back home, she met her husband and got pregnant. She found herself facing Covid with older children that were homeschooling, a toddler and an infant at home
  • Angela again turned to drinking and pills to relieve the feeling of being out of control. She felt like her, “light was going out” and she became disconnected from the inner peace she had once felt
  • Her wedding day and rehearsal were blurred from a combo of alcohol and Xanax
  • After lost experiences, and the constant feeling of not being able to function, she knew it was time for a change
  • She found This Naked Mind App and shifted her mindset about alcohol for good. She now feels like she’s, living her best life and has reconnected with her inner self and healthy lifestyle.

There’s More

Listen to the entire podcast to hear Angela recount her experience of western medicine. And how alternative forms of healing helped her discover the light that existed within.

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