EP 505: This Naked Mind for Nicotine with William and Scott

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Check out this special podcast episode in which Annie Grace announces her partnership with William Porter (Author of Nicotine Explained & Alcohol Explained) – In their co-authored release of This Naked Mind: Nicotine.

William and TNM head coach Scott Pinyard join to recount their personal struggles to change their relationships with nicotine. And how it went hand-in-hand with tackling their drinking habits. 

Discover how This Naked Mind principles are reaching habits beyond alcohol in this exciting book release. Pre-order your copy today!

This Naked Mind: Nicotine

Here’s a question I get quite often: Annie, do you think your science-backed, grace led approach to alcohol could work for other things? Things like nicotine? People have asked me this question for years and the answer is a resounding yes! And, finally, there’s a book for that. William Porter, author of Alcohol Explained, and I have joined forces to bring you This Naked Mind: Nicotine. We have combined our proven, habit-breaking systems that have helped thousands overcome alcohol to now help people quit smoking and vaping. Start your no-nicotine journey today by pre-ordering This Naked Mind: Nicotine at ThisNakedMindNicotine.com.

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Highlights of This Naked Mind for Nicotine with William Porter

Though smoking cigarettes seems to have taken a societal shift, vaping has re-established nicotine’s presence in a dangerous way. Check out the highlights to see what we mean:

  • TNM head coach Scott Pinyard started smoking after working at a cigar shop
  • As he struggled with many starts and stops, Scott turned to vaping and thought it was “not as serious.” Scott thought vaping didn’t smell, it can be done anywhere and it was exciting – with different devices and flavors
  • When Scott used This Naked Mind principles to stop drinking, he saw how it could also be used to help him quit smoking
  • William’s struggles with smoking started at the age of 14 but he only really did it on the weekends –  He didn’t think it was a problem because he wasn’t chain smoking
  • When William entered university, he became a full-time smoker
  • Reading Allen Carr’s book, Easy Way to Stop Smoking, helped William realize the truth about what he was putting in his body – It was something that was disrupting is quality of life now
  • Feeling like smoking was, “the difference between living life and just suffering through it” he began shifting how he felt about it by gaining knowledge about the science of nicotine

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Annie, Scott and William discuss the comparison of alcohol vs. nicotine. And find out which seems harder to quit.

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