EP 504: Reader Question – How do I stay alcohol free when the horror of drinking has faded?

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We often make commitments to stop drinking in order to escape from the pain and horrors we experience (i.e. hangovers or embarrassment of a boozy night.)

But as humans, we also experience another powerful motivator that can help us find lasting change.

Tune in to find out what this more sustainable motivator is, and how it can jumpstart your AF journey.

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Highlights of How To Stay Motivated To Not Drink Alcohol

Remaining alcohol free forces us to rely on motivators to get us through. Check out the highlights for details on the two most common things that play into our overall determination:

  • As humans it is natural for us to change toward pleasure or away from pain
  • Pain is a huge motivator and can be a reason we choose to cut back on drinking (to avoid hangovers, bad experiences, etc.)
  • Moving toward pleasure is a more lasting and powerful motivator
  • A great way to test these theories out is to try the FREE 30-day Alcohol Experiment – Find out how to stay motivated to not drink alcohol

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Listen to the entire podcast to how Annie started her AF journey. And how you can begin with the same fact-finding process.

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