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Laurel never thought alcohol was a problem for her, she just wanted to quit blacking out from her nights of drinking. 

Find out how This Naked Mind podcast helped her realize that she could simply stop drinking because she wanted to, and not because she hit a shameful rock bottom.

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Highlights of Blacking Out From Alcohol – Laurel’s Story

Drinking was normalized in high school and college so Laurel thought she was just joining the fun. But her blackouts quickly separated her from the rest of the crowd. Check out the highlights of her story:

  • Laurel became known as “Blackout Laurel” in college and she thought she’d grow out of it by teaching herself how to handle alcohol better
  • Into her 20’s she became extremely mad at herself as she continued to experience blackouts and could not recall what had happened for almost 3 hours at a time
  • She thought the blackouts were the problem, and not alcohol – But knew deep down she would have to cut back in order to stop the blackouts
  • Moderation took up so much energy and time and she still found herself in the same situations
  • She started listening to This Naked Mind podcast and was relieved to hear stories of “normal” people who stopped drinking before hitting rock bottom
  • She quit drinking and ultimately determined that alcohol didn’t do enough good to outweigh what was going well in her life
  • The relief she feels from being free from the anxiety of blackouts has kept her on an AF journey

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Annie and Laurel discuss the commitment it takes to remain alcohol-free.

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