EP 496: Coaching Questions with Scott Pinyard

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In this month’s coaching questions, This Naked Mind head coach Scott Pinyard welcomes TNM coach Dr. Ginny Trierweiler. Dr. Ginny’s niche is helping women over the age of 40 who find their overdrinking and overeating are becoming a concern and beginning to threaten their future.

Join Dr. Ginny and Scott as they discuss the following listener’s questions:

  1. I use two things to cope with stress – food and alcohol. I’m worried that if I quit drinking I’ll be picking up all types of unhealthy snacks to deal with the stress. I feel stuck.
  2. I keep thinking about my reasons for quitting drinking and they always boil down to my grandkids. I want to do more with them and I want to be there longer for them. I always end up feeling so bad when I choose to drink even though I’ve kept them as my “why” so firmly in my mind. What can I do to make myself understand that they are more important than alcohol?
  3. My drinking has skyrocketed through all the world events over the last year. And I’m feeling like I’m on the edge of “out of control.” Uncertainty is really taking a toll on me. How can I handle this?

Tune in to hear the coaches discuss how these listeners can find a more direct path to habit change and start shifting their mindset today.

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Highlights of Overeating and Overdrinking with Coach Ginny

Dr. Ginny found that tackling her overeating and overdrinking all at once was easier than tackling each one individually. Check out the highlights to find out why:

  • There are many messages and marketing being tossed at us everyday in regards to what to eat and drink
  • Ginny found these messages stacked against her as she attempted to lose weight and reach her personal goals
  • Her wake-up call came when she discovered she was approaching prediabetic. She worked in a nursing home and knew what the results looked like if she kept on the same path
  • When she began attempting to change her habits she realized the addiction pathways were the same for food and alcohol. So she found tackling them both at the same time helpful
  • She has made it her goal to help her generation of women work towards and envision the future they want for themselves just like she did

There’s More!

Listen to the entire podcast to hear the inspirational phrase that Dr. Ginny kept in mind as she worked toward her drinking and eating goals.

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