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Peggi found herself turning to alcohol to deal with the powerlessness she felt from her career in social work.

When the change she was seeking in the world began to negatively affecting her family – she knew it was time for a shift in her lifestyle.

Tune in to hear how This Naked Mind helped change her life. And is now transforming the trajectory of her entire family.

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Highlights of Alcohol in Social Work – Peggi’s Story

Alcohol didn’t play a huge role in Peggi’s life until she was in her 50’s. Check out the highlights of her journey:

  • Peggi’s work within her community led her to a career in social work and protecting the welfare of children
  • Working one-on-one with abused children took a toll on Peggi. She began drinking to cope with the stress and emotions
  • Her drunken nights at special events began negatively affecting her husband and family
  • Her husband left and her children told her it was time to change. They said if she didn’t get a handle on her drinking their relationship (and grandchildren’s) would have to change
  • Peggi immediately looked for resources to help her quit drinking and read This Naked Mind
  • The science of the book was exactly what she needed to shift her mindset
  • She is now encouraged by the university at which she works to live her sobriety out loud. She is using the platform to spread the message
  • Peggi has published a book titled, This Side of Alcohol. Which tells her story of living AF through telling the truth and being at peace with herself

There’s More

Listen to the entire podcast to hear Peggi discuss the affects alcohol had on her children. And how their relationship is evolving today.

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