EP 494: Reader Question – How To Stop Drinking At Home Alone

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When you’ve decided to cut back on your drinking, being at home alone can be very triggering if you’re surrounded by temptation.

Join Annie as she explains two tips for diminishing triggers and cravings so that your home can be a safe haven during your AF journey.

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Highlights of How To Stop Drinking At Home Alone

Fear, dread and deprivation are intense struggles along the AF journey and often those feelings can intensify when you’re home alone. Check out the highlights:

  • The best way to escape temptation and deprivation is by learning something new
  • These new understandings can help you make one decision about drinking instead of constant decisions every hour or every day
  • By making a firm decision and dedication to yourself (like doing the FREE 30 day Alcohol Experiment) – It allows you to escape decision fatigue and gives time and space for new experiences
  • Along with new experiences includes trying out an environment with less temptation
  • If learning something new doesn’t fully remove temptation. You may consider removing alcohol from the house while you work on your goals

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