EP 493: ‘Dear Alcohol’ with Dax

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Rapper Dax’s latest hit ‘Dear Alcohol’ started as a poem that he wrote while he was still drinking. He wrestled with the question of whether he could quit if he wanted to and became curious about what life could be like without the crutch of alcohol.

The success of the song and the positivity he has received from listeners has kept Dax on an AF journey that is helping him feel fully present and more confident than ever.

Tune in to hear how Dax’s journey with alcohol began and how finding freedom has helped him deepen his connection with himself in the world.

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Highlights of ‘Dear Alcohol” with Dax

Alcohol didn’t enter Dax’s life until he was 17 due to his unwavering dedication to his basketball career. Check out the highlights of his story:

  • At the age of 17 Dax had his first drink alone to fully experience the affects it had on him
  • With the aid of alcohol, he experienced confidence to do things he had been too nervous to do – He wanted to become that person full-time
  • He went on to play basketball at the University of Montana which kept him off of drugs but alcohol was still part of his weekends
  • While still in college, he worked in the art department and discovered his affinity for the arts and his ability to write poetry
  • His writing transitioned into poetry music videos and eventually a touring music career
  • Alcohol was a big part of touring and helped him have confidence to perform and do interviews, etc.
  • His hit song, ‘Dear Alcohol’ started out as a poem that he wrote while still drinking. It talked about the questions he asked himself about why he felt the need to drink
  • When he released the song he realized that if he put it out into the world he would have to “walk the line” with an AF lifestyle
  • The support and positivity he has received has kept him on his AF journey. Today he feels more confident than he ever imagined he could without the aid of alcohol

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Annie and Dax discuss the possibility of drinking again in the future.

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