EP 492: Reader Question – Why Drinking is More Boring Than Not Drinking

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When we reframe our thinking, we often find that drinking at special events can actually be more boring than if we were not drinking.

By numbing the variety of emotions and richness of the experience with alcohol, our brains actually function slower. Causing us to miss out on all that the event has to offer.

Tune in to hear three steps for reframing your thinking so that you can overcome the boredom you think you’re feeling when you don’t drink.

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Highlights of Why Drinking is More Boring Than Not Drinking

There are three things that can help you reframe your understanding of boredom. Check out the highlights:

  • Boredom is one of the most important feelings that human beings can have
  • Something really special comes from boredom – There is beauty in the lack of stimulation!
  • By going into the feeling of boredom and observing the discomfort, it can actually help us understand it better
  • Explore how mind shift is possible when we get curious about our lives and our experiences without alcohol
  • Begin by experiencing the richness of life and special events alcohol-free – And make an educated decision about boredom for yourself

There’s More!

Listen to the entire podcast to hear what happens in the brain when we drink alcohol. And the scientific explanation supporting the claim that drinking is in fact, boring.

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