EP 490: Reader Question – How do I know if I relapsed?

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At This Naked Mind we don’t use the word “relapse”, instead we look at the alcohol journey as a series of data points. 

Tune in to hear Annie discuss this terminology. And how this incredibly informative process is the fastest way to escape the shame and blame of drinking.

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Highlights of How Do I Know If I Relapsed

The word “relapse” can put a lot of focus on the behavior. Instead at This Naked Mind we focus on how you feel instead. Check out the highlights for details:

  • When there is a feeling of disappointment after having a drink, it’s important to get curious about that data point (you have a drink) instead of feeling guilt or shame
  • Instead of beating yourself up over the behavior – there is an opportunity to get curious about what caused it; and learn from it 
  • The road to success is paved with data points
  • Along the journey these data points will teach us something so we can continue along the path to freedom

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Annie discuss the idea of liberation vs. fixation.

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