EP 489: Naked Life Story – Kim R.

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Kim often found herself drinking to cope with loneliness. To the point where she no longer trusted herself and felt fundamentally flawed.

She attempted to control her drinking in order to avoid going to AA. But when she ended up in a meeting her shame voice became louder than ever.

Tune in to find out how This Naked Mind was the key she was searching for to unlock a better version of herself – One that she always hoped existed.

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Highlights of Drinking to Cope with Loneliness – Kim R’s Story

Kim didn’t identify with having serious trauma in her life. So she didn’t feel “worthy” of having a drinking problem. Check out the highlights of her story:

  • Kim’s first drink was at the age of 14 and alcohol helped her turn from introvert to extrovert 
  • When she drank, she would get attention – This made her feel like she had found her people
  • At the age of 16 she developed an eating disorder – This left her in a continuous shame cycle
  • She was in a serious accident that left her with a broken back. While she was home alone recovering, she discovered that she couldn’t be alone without drinking
  • This lack of self-control left her feeling like she was fundamentally flawed
  • When she started her family, each pregnancy ended with a celebration that she could drink again
  • As a young mother, she had a scary night where she fell asleep with her 6 month old baby in her arms and dropped him without waking up
  • This began a series of starting and stopping drinking over and over again
  • Kim finally gave in to the suggestion to go to AA even though she dreaded it. She felt alone and ashamed which made her self-value plummet yet again
  • While in AA they recommended that people listen to podcasts. Kim found This Naked Mind podcast and felt like she was normal for the very first time in her life
  • She then read This Naked Mind and felt like the science was the missing link for her – “I can be whole again!”
  • Kim is now a TNM certified coach and is helping others discover that they are not alone and that they too can find freedom and worthiness

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