EP 488: Reader Question – The Best Strategy for Overcoming a Craving

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There are many different ways you can approach overcoming a craving. In this reader’s question, Annie shares the best way she has found to truly solve the craving. 

Tune in to find out how this simple, yet intense practice can help create an awareness that actually prevents the craving from returning.

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Highlights of The Best Strategy for Overcoming a Craving

All things that create cravings are solvable. Check out the highlights to see what we mean:

  • By creating a sense of awareness you can tune into where the craving is originating
  • By discovering what is happening in your brain, your body, your emotions, etc. You can get curious and begin to solve and overcome the cravings
  • Only when we dive into the meanings we’re making from the cravings can we begin to solve them and find relief from them for good

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Annie discuss how alcohol is like a bandage over a festering wound.

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