EP 485: Happy Days with Gabby Bernstein

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Gabby Bernstein never understood why she struggled with alcohol until she was able to uncover trauma that was deeply buried from her past.

Tune in to find out how healing from this trauma was her true path to recovery. Learn why she believes every person struggling with alcohol use disorder should read her new book titled, Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace.

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Hi, it’s Annie Grace. If you are totally serious about actually truly and forevermore transforming your relationship with alcohol, really leaving it behind in the rear view mirror for once and forever more, and changing your psychology about it, we have a program called The PATH that is created specifically for you.       

Check out nakedmindpath.com, and join us in The PATH where you can truly make this lasting change you want in your life. And as always, rate, review, and subscribe to this podcast as it truly helps the message reach somebody who might need to hear it today.

And, as always – rate, review, and subscribe to this podcast, as it truly helps the message reach somebody who might need to hear it today.

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Highlights of Happy Days with Gabby Bernstein

Gabby struggled with alcohol and cocaine abuse in her 20’s. After finding freedom, she began to question the deeper reasons for her addictive patterns. Check out the highlights of her story:

  • At the age of 36 Gabby started experiencing panic attacks and meltdowns
  • She experienced a dissociated memory of sexual abuse in a dream
  • In learning about this trauma, Gabby felt it explained her reactive/addictive behaviors
  • Gabby began therapy, and started awakening self compassion by reconnecting with her spirituality
  • She has now published an extremely vulnerable book about her healing. In which she discusses how we handle trauma by building protective mechanisms to guard ourselves
  • Through her story, she helps spread the message that trauma is the root cause of addictions. And that healing trauma is the true path to recovery

There’s More!

Listen to the entire podcast to hear Gabby explain the meaning behind the chapter titled, “Hiding behind the body.”

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