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Alcohol robs us of many things – for Steve, that included his longtime boyfriend, Ryan dying from alcohol use.

This tragedy left Steve with unbearable guilt and pain. The best way for him to cope was by drinking. It took an ambulance trip to the hospital to force him to evaluate his own future.

Find out how This Naked Mind helped inspire him to bring conversations about alcohol use disorder to the mainstream media. Also, be sure to check out Steve’s deeply personal article featured in New York Magazine’s “The Cut”. See link below.

The PATH Launch

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Highlights of Dying From Alcohol Use – Steve’s Story

The LGBTQ community struggles with addictions of all types – Steve’s story was no exception. Check out the highlights of his journey:

  • Steve came out of the closet in college and entered a world of binge drinking and partying
  • In his 20’s, Steve started dating his longtime boyfriend, Ryan. Ryan worked in the service industry where alcohol was always present
  • Steve had no idea how bad Ryan’s drinking was, until he starting finding hidden bottles around their apartment
  • Years after their break-up Steve noticed Ryan’s eyes were jaundice and he feared the worst
  • After Ryan’s death Steve turned to drinking to numb the pain
  • After a weekend of drinking, Steve found himself struggling to breathe during a work-out class.
  • When the doctor told him his liver enzymes were off, Steve decided it was time to make a change
  • Steve read This Naked Mind and shifted his relationship with alcohol
  • Steve is now honoring Ryan’s life by bringing conversations about alcohol use disorder to the mainstream media

There’s More

Listen to the entire podcast to hear Annie and Steve discuss how alcohol use disorder is rarely discussed in U.S. news and media.

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