EP 482: Reader Question – How to break free from rules around drinking

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Deciding to cut back on alcohol can create an endless list of rules around drinking.

“I’m not going to drink until the weekend.” “Only 2 glasses max.” “Only on special occasions.”

These rules can get exhausting and cause a lot of emotional pain. Leaving you feeling deprived and resentful.

In this week’s reader question, Annie explains why her personal journey with alcohol led her to a radical decision to stop trying to stop drinking. Find out how removing the rules helped her escape the noise and clear space for new knowledge and emotions about alcohol.

The LIVE Alcohol Experiment

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Highlights of How Do You Break Free From Rules Around Drinking?

Annie’s journey with alcohol started as a continuous cycle of making rules and breaking them. Check out the highlights to find out how she was able to find freedom.

  • Annie realized alcohol was taking more than it was giving and decided to cut back
  • She created lots of rules for herself which left her in pain – Feeling deprived and like she was missing out
  • When she wasn’t successful with keeping rules she would enter into blame and shame
  • She decided to go a completely different route and have self compassion while gaining knowledge about this substance that she was unable to control – She stopped trying to stop drinking
  • As she learned new knowledge about alcohol she was able to have new emotions about it which eventually led to effortless behavior change

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Annie describe her personal moment of clarity on her journey with alcohol.

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