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Alcohol was entrenched in Skye’s identity. To the point where she felt like removing it from her life would be like, “pulling her soul out of her body.”

But, when she watched a video of herself drunk at a bar, he realized she had become the woman and mother that she never intended to be. 

Tune in to hear how Skye discovered her true self alcohol-free. And now looks forward to unveiling new parts of herself and real passions every day.

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Highlights of Alcohol Intertwined in Identity – Skye’s Story

Skye was a good girl in her younger years and alcohol was her way of rebelling and fitting in. Check out the highlights of her story:

  • Skye had her first drink of alcohol at the age of 14 and hated the taste
  • She attended college at one of the top 10 party schools in the country
  • She stayed up the latest and partied the longest – Embraced the title of “party girl”
  • Graduated and became an engineer teacher. Went to work with hangovers
  • Got married to her 1st husband – Entire relationship based on drinking
  • Had her first child and joined the mommy wine culture
  • When her marriage ended, she found herself in scary situations. She was hooking up at bars, driving drunk, breaking into her own house, etc.
  • Laughed it off because alcohol was so intertwined with her personality. “I’d rather live this kind of life than give up drinking.”
  • After watching a video of herself drunk at the bar one night she realized she didn’t want to be this kind of woman/mother
  • Skye ordered and read This Naked Mind and connected with an AF friend on Facebook
  • After a successful AF mom’s night out she realized she could survive and thrive in social situations without alcohol
  • With a new knowledge and new emotions, she began discovering her true identity and passions. She is now a certified TNM coach and helps others find their true identities

There’s More

Listen to the entire podcast to hear the advice Skye would give herself back when her identity relied so heavily on alcohol.

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