EP 480: Reader Question – What is the correlation between alcohol and anxiety?

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It is common to battle with anxious feelings after a night of drinking. But, is there really a correlation between alcohol and anxiety?

Take a journey with Annie as she explains the chemical reaction that happens within our bodies after consuming alcohol. And how the brain is triggered to produce two powerful stimulants which put our emotions into overdrive.

Stay tuned to discover an easy way to test and find relief from your own anxiousness.

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Highlights of What Is the Correlation Between Alcohol and Anxiety?

We are often wrapped up in the emotions of anxiety and forget to take a step back and be curious about the cause. Check out the highlights to see what’s really going on after a drink:

  • Alcohol is a stimulant and depressant in one – And the rising and falling of your blood alcohol content (BAC) is quite a task for your body to take on
  • The drop your BAC level takes, causes your brain to rebalance with the powerful stimulants, adrenaline and cortisol – Which is where fear, anxiety and stress come from
  • Our human instinct is to try to make meaning of why we are feeling these anxious thoughts. And we often distance ourselves from the reality of the chemical reaction that our body is dealing with
  • Stepping away from those meanings and getting in touch with how we feel in our bodies can bring us a sort of relief

There’s More!

Listen to the entire podcast for a comparison of euphoric vs. depressed feelings. And how long you actually feel each while drinking alcohol.

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