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A glass of wine at the end of a stressful day was normal for Susan, and she always considered it harmless gray area drinking – Until her pastor suggested she attend an AA meeting. Reluctantly, she went to the meeting and left with the idea that her self-worth was tied up in this one behavior – She was only “good” if she didn’t drink.

Find out how Susan was able to detangle this shame inducing experience and become “alive” to an AF lifestyle she is extremely proud of today.

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Highlights of Self-Worth and Drinking – Susan’s Story

Susan in many ways lived life according to others expectations of her. Check out the details of her liberating story:

  • Exposed to drinking in 8th grade – drank at a friends house to point of throwing up
  • Stayed away from alcohol through high school and college – too busy with theater
  • Had an active church life and job within the church – Abstained from alcohol
  • As her family grew and her job shifted, she began drinking to relieve stress
  • Her gray area drinking started when she began medical school – Studying for MBA, full-time job, caring for kids and overwhelmed
  • Pastor suggested she attend an AA meeting – Susan was devastated and attended because it was in her obedient nature
  • Went to AA for 8 months and quit drinking
  • Susan told her sponsor that sometimes she desired a drink on special occasions; and this resulted in her sponsor kicking her out of AA
  • Drinking ramped back up when life became more stressful – Joined a 21-day program and FB group
  • Vacations knocked her of track and she began drinking again – When Covid hit, struggled to quit once again
  • After constantly trying to make and keep rules she began saying, “Who cares?” And then she realized, “I care.”
  • Enrolled in This Naked Mind Webinar – really resonated with the “alive” content
  • She was able to tackle several special occasions and vacations AF and got through the hard times
  • Is now a TNM coach and is helping others see that “It’s a lifestyle, not a life sentence”

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