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Casey spent many years rationalizing her drinking. And battled a constant debate in her head of, “Do I just abuse alcohol, or am I an alcoholic?”

Find out how her rebellion against the ‘alcoholic’ stigma and connecting with a sober coach helped her ditch the fear of a life completely free from alcohol.

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Highlights of “Do I Just Abuse Alcohol Or Am I An Alcoholic?” – Casey’s Story

Casey didn’t struggle with alcohol, until her career identity became wrapped up in it. Check out the details of her story:

  • Casey was a self-proclaimed “good girl” who feared getting in trouble while in boarding school
  • In college, she joined the women’s rugby team and entered a ritualized binge drinking culture. Alcohol helped her escape from her anxiety of “always getting it right”
  • At the end of college she began feeling the pressure to find a job and a place to live
  • Living on her own and working was stressful and drinking helped her cope
  • Alcohol was a big part of her job and was always present during afternoons in the office and business on trips
  • At home, her bottle of wine helped her through motherhood and connected her and her husband
  • She rationalized her drinking for years. But she began questioning if she was just abusing alcohol or if she was an alcoholic
  • She joined a private Facebook group and began sharing her story with others. A woman invited her to join an AA meeting with her
  • Casey rebelled against the idea of identifying as someone with a “problem”. And feared a life where alcohol was completely removed forever
  • She quit drinking for the birth of her 2nd child and thought she could return to drinking without a problem. But she quickly found herself back in her same drinking patterns
  • Joined Facebook group again and was introduced to a sober coach. The coach helped her find the freedom she was looking for through accountability and new coping tools

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Casey’s personal experience with AA. And how the methodology of This Naked Mind helped her see that she wasn’t the problem, the substance was.

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