EP 465: Naked Life Story – Donna

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Drinking with an anxiety disorder made rolling with the waves of life nearly impossible for Donna. As life and loss dragged her down, alcohol took her deeper.

Find out how she was able to resurface and begin accepting life as it is after going through the 30-day Alcohol Experiment. And discover what life with anxiety is like alcohol-free.

The PATH Launch

Hi, it’s Annie Grace. I wanted to interrupt this podcast, I guess the end of this podcast, to say that if you are totally serious about actually truly and forevermore transforming your relationship with alcohol, really leaving it behind in the rear view mirror for once and forever more, and changing your psychology about it, we have a program called The PATH that is created specifically for you. Now it’s not for you if you are still dabbling or still trying to figure out where you want to be or maybe even still want to moderate. 

All those things are fine, but if you are beyond that and you’re like, “No, I just want to be done with this. I’m ready to invest some time and I’m ready to just make this happen.” I want you to check out nakedmindpath.com, and join us in The PATH where you can truly make this lasting change you want in your life. And as always, rate, review, and subscribe to this podcast as it truly helps the message reach somebody who might need to hear it today.

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Highlights of Drinking with Anxiety – Donna’s Story

Anxiety can feel much different on the other side of alcohol. Check out the highlights of Donna’s journey:

  • Donna didn’t grow up with alcohol in the house but experienced childhood disfunction and was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder
  • Started drinking in college and considered herself a “controlled” drinker – Helped others when drunk/sick
  • Took a job in marketing/sales – Hosted happy hours but was careful to not drink until after gatherings
  • Marriage started to fail – Drank alone
  • Started yoga and examining her health – Changed her diet but continued to drink
  • Pandemic made her question her drinking and address her blacking-out
  • Wrote a book about marriage and losses
  • Beta reader said, “I thought you were going to write about your drinking problem?” – Realized her attempts to cover-up her drinking weren’t working
  • Listened to Annie Grace on Ten Percent Happier Podcast and started The Alcohol Experiment
  • Worked on her belief that alcohol helped her anxiety – The truth helped her quit for good
  • Began her journey to accept life as it is and deals with anxiety as it comes – Which was less-often without alcohol

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Annie and Donna discuss how anger and disappointment are more manageable without alcohol.

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