EP 453: Naked Life Story – Kim S.

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Kim S. was a closet binge drinker who would hide bottles of vodka around the house and plan her daily events around her next drink.

Find out how This Naked Mind and struggles with infertility helped her to finally ditch her destructive cycle and find compassion for herself.

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Hey, it’s Annie Grace. I want to tell you about the most important book that I never wrote. I mean that. This is This Naked Life. It is 48 true stories of people finding freedom from alcohol. And, it’s so inspiring. It’s our stories, as you know from this podcast, that truly change us, that revolutionize what we believe is possible for ourselves. So, it’s This Naked Life. You can find it on Amazon, or check it out online at nakedlifestories.com. And every single copy, all the proceeds, are 100% committed to keeping The Alcohol Experiment forever free for anybody who needs it. Check it out. It’s such an inspirational book.

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Highlights of No Longer a Closet Drinker – Kim S.’s Story

Kim’s relationship with alcohol and eating disorders all stemmed from a chaotic childhood. Check out the highlights of her story.

  • Kim was introduced to drinking at the age of 15
  • As the oldest of three children she took on stressful responsibilities after her parents’ divorce
  • Her family saw her drinking as “normal teenage behavior” and didn’t pay much attention
  • At age 19 Kim was legally prescribed adderall. The combo of adderall and alcohol had toxic side effects 
  • Later in life she began hiding her drinking as she drank both at school and work
  • When she experienced a struggle with getting pregnant, she would have bouts of sobriety in order to help fertility treatments
  • Kim got pregnant with her daughter and turned back to drinking when she was two months old
  • She would schedule her days around her next drink
  • Kim began seeing a need to shift her binging cycle when she attended an intervention for her brother who was addicted to opioids – She realized she was in a similar situation with alcohol
  • Visited alcohol-free Facebook groups, and discovered This Naked Mind
  • Came clean about her drinking to her mother and never turned back
  • Kim found freedom and is on track to continue her schooling and advance her career

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Annie and Kim discuss the intensity of deprivation during motherhood.

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