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Chelsea’s comfort zone was drinking at home to relax from the pressures of life while also connecting with her husband. But when she began noticing the effects their relationship with alcohol was having on her kids, she signed up for The Alcohol Experiment.

Find out how the quote, “hard now, easy later” resonated with her from day one of the challenge and changed her life forever.

100 Days of Lasting Change

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Highlights of Escaping the Drinking Comfort Zone – Chelsea’s Story

Alcohol was firmly planted in Chelsea’s family foundation. Check out the details on how she established new roots alcohol-free:

  • Chelsea yo-yoed with drinking through her 20’s with moments of heavy to light drinking
  • After having two kids she entered the “mommy drinking culture” to relax on the weekends
  • After a divorce she found herself socially drinking more often – Remarried a heavy drinker
  • Became aware of her lack of sleep, anxiety and overall lousy feeling
  • Her plant-based diet started due to feeling physically bad and she began questioning if removing alcohol would help her get rid of new ill feelings
  • Chelsea discovered The Alcohol Experiment in a Mom’s Facebook group – Signed up for the free 30 day challenge
  • Quickly realized how much time she was wasting on alcohol and effects it was having on her kids
  • When experiment concluded, her husband gave her an ultimatum – Chelsea chose her kids and her health over alcohol
  • She is now modeling a healthier life for herself and her children and helping others through her work in customer service at This Naked Mind

There’s More

Listen to the end of the podcast to hear how Chelsea’s social life and family has changed since leaving her drinking comfort zone.

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