EP 449: Naked Life Story – Alison

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Alison always had a passion for health and wellness but when her identity shifted as a new mom, she started finding herself turning to alcohol to feel free.

Find out how she was able to clear the clutter left behind by alcohol to embrace a healthy life.

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Highlights of Finding Passion Alcohol Free – Alison’s Story

Society and pressure to fit in outweighed Alison’s desire to pursue her passion. Check out the highlights to find out how she got her life and career back on track:

  • Alison had her first drink at the age of 15 – It was like a magic potion for her introverted personality
  • Pursued a career in dietetics in college – Joined sorority which caused her drinking to escalate
  • Married a drinker and acquired a taste for red wine – Drinking every weekend
  • Tried to start a family in her 30’s and turned to fertility treatment to get pregnant. This caused her to begin questioning if alcohol was playing a part
  • Became a mom and started questioning, “Am I cut out for this?” – Began drinking more to cope
  • In her 40’s, Alison found herself constantly thinking about her next drink
  • She read This Naked Mind and it opened her eyes to how alcohol affected the body/brain
  • Went back to school for health and wellness
  • Graduated with two master’s degrees in wholistic nutrition and health and wellness
  • Became a a functional medicine health coach and a TNM coach
  • Now helps mom’s who struggle with alcohol to find balance in different areas of their lives

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Annie and Alison discuss how doing something you’re passionate about can change your trajectory.

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