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Katie began taking antidepressants after a traumatic attack in her neighborhood one night—Shortly after, she began turning to alcohol.

Find out how becoming sober curious led her to a new alcohol-free beginning which enabled her to begin dealing with some deep generational trauma.

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Highlights of Antidepressants and Alcohol – Katie’s Story

Katie discovered a variety of coping strategies as a child to deal with alcohol abuse dynamics at home. Check out the details of her journey.

  • Alcohol abuse was in Katie’s family’s story for generations
  • She disguised her childhood emotions by staying busy with school
  • In college, an eating disorder was her coping mechanism for social anxiety
  • Katie decided to drop out of her educational studies
  • She moved home to Alaska and found a new group of drinking friends
  • Katie moved to Seattle and drank more; felt like a 20 year old without a plan
  • She entered grad school in Chicago and worked at boarding school 
  • One night, she was attacked by a serial rapist one night and seeked out counseling for the aftereffects
  • Her therapist prescribed antidepressants and Katie was faced with a desire to drink
  • Daily drinking seemed to make sadness worse – Became sober curious
  • Read This Naked Mind all in one night – Discovered science behind substance and mindset
  • Focus shifted – Began dealing with deep generational trauma that she had suppressed
  • Grateful for now being present in each moment and the new joys she feels everyday being alcohol-free

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Annie and Katie discuss how the first step to emotional health is to stop numbing.

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