EP 445: Finding Joy with Catherine Gray

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Best selling author Catherine Gray joins Annie to discuss the unexpected joy she finds in being alcohol-free. 

Find out how Catherine’s obsessive desire to become more informed about what she was putting in her body helped her escape the allure of alcohol. And how her new lifestyle continues to open doors for joy to keep coming.

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Highlights of Finding Joy with Catherine Gray

Catherine chased moderation for years before finding the joys of a life without endless rules about drinking. Check out the details of her story:

  • Tried for years to moderate her drinking only to find herself running back to it
  • Read This Naked Mind and was able to expel the idea of moderation
  • Quit drinking at 33 years old – 1st week was toughest week of her life
  • After 2-3 weeks alcohol-free she experienced peace, uninterrupted sleep, etc.
  • Threw herself into reading books, listening to podcasts and journaling
  • Learned that new neural pathways take time to create – Patient w/ herself through the process
  • Angered by manipulation of the alcohol industry
  • Witnesses the social standard shifting in the UK
  • Continues to do lots of work on healing past trauma – Discovers why alcohol was her vice
  • Lives by the belief that, “We repeat what we don’t repair”
  • Continues to find joy in her sobriety and continued learning

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Catherine and Annie discuss how social norms are beginning to shift all over the world.

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