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When Kristie’s friend asked her to do dry January she knew it was a long shot, and only committed to two weeks. Little did she know that it would leave her changed for life!

Find out how two weeks turned into permanent freedom with the help of This Naked Mind and a deep desire for a more fulfilled life—free from the grips of alcohol.

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Highlights of A Life Changed By Dry January  – Kristie’s Story

Kristie grew up in a small town surrounded by a community that seemed to embrace underaged drinking because it gave kids something to do. Check out the highlights of her story:

  • Grew up in small Michigan town – First drink of hard liquor at 12 years old
  • In high school she was drinking every weekend; at football games/parties
  • Maintained good grades and performed in sports – No issues
  • Moved to college in Detroit – Drinking shifted from weekends, to every night
  • Moved to Scottsdale, AZ – Spring break all day, everyday
  • Drinking encouraged at job for online review company – Loosen them up on the phone
  • Started experiencing health issues and questioning if there was more to life
  • Medical professionals never asked her about her drinking – Decided to cut back on her own
  • Medical issues disappeared – Became curious
  • Friend invited her to do dry January – Only committed to two weeks
  • First week – Detoxed; Second week – Decided to commit for entire month
  • Read This Naked Mind – Light switch went off
  • After January was over, she never saw a point to drink again (even through pandemic) – She had been changed by dry January
  • Has now dated sober and feels like everything is better without alcohol

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear Annie and Kristie discuss societal norms and how medical professionals seem to ignore alcohol’s effects on health.

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