EP 439: Naked Life Story – Nat X

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Nat X felt the pressure to drink to fit in after feeling like an outcast most of his life. Finally a part of the “cool crowd,” he slipped into a world of multiple addictions.

Find out how he escaped his imposter syndrome and started embracing a journey of self-compassion free from regrets.

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Highlights of Feeling the Pressure to Drink To Fit In  – Nat X’s Story

Find out what caused the doors to open to multiple addictions early in Nat’s life. Check out the highlights:

  • Grew up in a small, religious town – Never talked about dangers of alcohol
  • Longed for belonging in high school – Drank to feel “outside of himself”
  • Academics slipped – Doing same things friends were doing but not keeping up
  • Entered boarding school
  • Felt pressure of overbearing parents and not succeeding in school
  • Was prescribed Ritalin for ADHD – Became addicted to the ‘switch’ that would happen with meds
  • Drinking increased in college – Dropped out of music school
  • Found success running own SEO company – Imposter syndrome – “Unqualified to run anything”
  • Met his wife who hung out with the partying “cool kids” – Finally felt like he fit in
  • Drinking and drugs caused Nat’s life to fall apart
  • Received a DWI – Life had to change
  • Struggled to stay sober for court-issued programs
  • Started a podcast where he discusses  books – Reviewed This Naked Mind
  • TNM flipped the whole script on how he thinks about alcohol
  • Now looks at recovery as something he loves to do everyday

There’s More

Listen to the entire podcast for Nat’s reflection on his struggles to stop drinking even after the courts required it.

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