EP 438: Reader Question – How do you survive the holidays without alcohol?

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It’s the holiday season. Time to celebrate!—But how do you enjoy yourself without alcohol if you’re used to drinking at all of your traditional holiday social gatherings?

In this week’s reader question, Annie gives four great tips on how to approach your get-togethers with confidence and curiosity without the booze. You may just find that you enjoy yourself a lot more than you used to!

The Alcohol Experiment

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Highlights of Surviving the Holiday Without Drinking:

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s not always about the celebration that causes you to want to drink when around family members. Check out the highlights for things you can look forward to at your next AF holiday gathering:

  • The biggest thing you can do to prepare for your gathering
  • What alcohol usually numbs that you can now experience more fully
  • What is urge surfing? – And how to go with the flow of it
  • What to come prepared with
  • The best way to cap off the night/day

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Listen to the entire podcast to hear how dessert can help you meet your AF goals!

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