EP 437: Breaking Up With Social With Laura McKowen

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Addiction takes on many forms—Perhaps the most common addiction these days is to our phones and social media.

Tune in to catch a refreshingly honest interview with New York Times best selling author, Laura McKowen. She and Annie discuss how Laura decided to break up with social media and how her struggles were startlingly similar to her relationship with alcohol.

Be sure to stick around for Annie and Laura’s tips on how to become more mindful of your own social media usage. It may provide an unexpected relief.

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Highlights of Breaking Up With Social With Laura McKowen

As an author, a social media presence helps sell books. Find out how Laura discovered that her efforts to build these platforms ended up hindering her writing.

  • Annie and Laura discuss basic human needs and how social media can fulfill them
  • How striving for these needs can lead to a path of addiction
  • Laura started sharing on social to share her sobriety story – Practice writing
  • Enjoys/values connecting with people, but Instagram revealed her comparison tendencies
  • How her natural bravery became threatened – Feelings of overwhelm changed her experience
  • A summer of social media revealed that she was bypassing life experiences – Much like alcohol caused her to do
  • Basic math of how much of her life was spent on social media – “I’m done.”
  • What detox looks like from a dopamine perspective – Same; no matter the substance
  • How algorithms are meant to work on each of us
  • 5 Tips on how to become more mindful of your social media usage
  • What it took for Laura to conclude that being a writer and constantly present in social media could no longer co-exist for her
  • How Laura’s life and career look now – Outside of social media usage

There’s More!

Listen to the entire podcast for additional tips and discoveries from Laura McKowen based on her own experiences.

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