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Life changed significantly for Ellie when her family started growing—And alcohol seemed like the postpartum glue that was holding it all together. However, when she started choosing her nightly glass of wine over snuggle-time with her kids she started to really question her priorities.

Find out how the discovery of This Naked Mind led to a vast and fast change to living more present in each moment.

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Highlights of From: Alcohol Postpartum  – Ellie’s Story

Motherhood went from a place of struggle to a place of pure joy and peace. Check out the highlights of Ellie’s story:

  • Social drinker until she became pregnant – 9 mos alcohol-free
  • Breastfeeding – Stressful and felt like she was missing out by not drinking
  • Began drinking again while facing stressful mothering tasks
  • 2nd child born – Diagnosed with PMDD – rageful, volatile, suicidal
  • Began taking antidepressants – Doctor encouraged her to cut back her drinking
  • 3rd child born – Missed drinking in social occasions
  • Began choosing drinking (as a de-stressor) over cuddle-time with kids at night
  • Trip to a friends wedding resulted in blackout – Ashamed
  • Began moderating – Would ruin AF streak by “rewarding” herself w/ a drink
  • Saw FB ad for This Naked Mind moderation program
  • Science of how alcohol affects the brain/body blew her mind – Thrilled that there was a new option
  • Joined Live Alcohol Experiment – Connected with others on the journey
  • Rewired her beliefs of what alcohol did for her
  • Becomes TNM coach and helps others start to heal and begin living in the present moment

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