EP 434: Reader Question – Does a drunk mind really speak a sober heart?

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “a drunk mind speaks a sober heart” But is there a scientific explanation that truly supports this?

In this week’s reader question, Annie dives into the ways alcohol affects the frontal lobe of the brain. Find out if lost inhibitions are congruent with who we truly are and want to be in the world.

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Highlights of Does a Drunk Mind Really Speak a Sober Heart?

It can seem like our true selves are somewhere beneath anxious and fearful emotions so if alcohol helps remove those thoughts are we getting a glimpse of our true selves after a few drinks? Check out the highlights:

  • What part of the brain is affected when we drink
  • Alcohol removes inhibitions in the brain – But what is left behind?
  • The definition of alcohol induced myopia 
  • Which elements of self are lost when we become intoxicated
  • Alarming statistics that support a different narrative
  • And why we feel the need to justify drinking in our society

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Listen to the entire podcast to find out why lost inhibitions are exchanged for losing much more.

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