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Alice lived a life in and out of rehab for a staggering number of times. Yet the expensive cost of treatment never led her to freedom from drinking or the negative emotions she was harboring from living an “illegal lifestyle”.

Her turning point came when she discovered a world free from labels and a healing path toward mindfulness. Find out how cold water plunges and words from This Naked Mind helped to change her life for good.

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Highlights of Out of Rehab for Good – Alice’s Story

Growing up in Tasmania was adventurous and beautiful, but it didn’t come without its challenges. Check out the highlights of Alice’s story:

  • Grew up in Catholic school 
  • Discovered that she was gay – Which was illegal in Tasmania
  • Felt “normal” the first time she experimented with alcohol – Was hiding a lot
  • Moved to U.S. on a tennis scholarship – Drinking culture in college
  • Returned to Australia – Drinking took a turn for the worse – Started hiding binge drinking
  • Entered rehab with the encouragement of her family – “Someone has to fix me”
  • 26 total trips to rehab – Wasn’t ready/didn’t embrace it
  • Realized that she wasn’t addressing what was leading her to drinking
  • Discovered “Hello Sunday Morning” by Chris Rain and This Naked Mind
  • Pathway to freedom – Like-minded group, freedom from rules
  • Discovered the Wim Hoff Method – Commitment everyday
  • Completely shifted her life and gave herself permission to take a new path with confidence

There’s More

Listen to the entire podcast to learn more about how Alice utilizes the Wim Hof method and mindfulness everyday to maintain her new life free from the grips of alcohol.

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