EP 426: Coaching Questions with Scott Pinyard

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In this month’s coaching questions, This Naked Mind head coach Scott Pinyard welcomes TNM coach Martha Wright. Martha specializes in helping people find sobriety in the food and beverage industry and to cultivate new interest in the process.

Martha shares her experience of 20 years in the wine industry and how her freedom came when she stopped considering how she was measuring up at work, and started asking herself, “How do I feel?”

Join Martha and Scott as they work through these perfectly suited questions:

  1. As a veteran of the food and beverage industry am I stuck in finding freedom from alcohol since I’m around it all of the time?
  2. Are AF drinks “okay” or are they triggering for people who have found sobriety?
  3. What are the best AF options out there?

Tune in to find out if it’s possible to stay connected to what we love about the food and beverage industry while living alcohol free.

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Highlights of Sobriety in the Food and Beverage Industry

How can you remove alcohol from your life when your job revolves around pairing food with wine and spirits? Check out the highlights to find out how you can rediscover your new passions with an AF lifestyle.

  • A job in the beverage industry can pre-determines your interest
  • When removing alcohol it can feel like you have no interests/missing out
  • Often re-discovering what you love is difficult
  • Having compassion for yourself can set you on a path of rediscovery
  • Find out what support is out there for staying healthy in the F&B industry
  • How can you be part of the new conversation and build a better drinking culture?
  • Discover what ‘radical hospitality’ means for AF consumers
  • What are the best AF options out there
  • Rediscover a world of culture, good food/drinks and ingredients that are AF

There’s More

Listen to the end of the podcast to find out some of the best AF options on the market today!

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