EP 424: Reader Question – How can a 20-year-old have sex and socialize without alcohol?

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Loosening up for social situations or sex without alcohol may seem impossible – Especially as a college student. But, is alcohol really helping you perform better?

In this week’s reader question Annie discusses college culture and how it’s possible to challenge your deep-rooted expectations for having a good time. Find out how by tuning in.

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Highlights of Socializing and Sex Without Alcohol

Since everyone seems to drink in college it must be more fun with alcohol, right? Check out the highlights to find out what you might be missing from out on with an AF experience.

  • A narrowed point of view can prevent you from seeing other possibilities
  • When you drink regularly your brain gets uncomfortable without it
  • Drinking numbs the brain leaving you feeling “loosened up” 
  • Your senses are also numbed – meaning you don’t feel things as intensely
  • You can test the science by taking a break from alcohol – Reframe your expectations
  • When your brain and your senses are firing on all cylinders – What is your experience?
  • Decide for yourself which experience you prefer

There’s More!

Listen to the entire podcast to find out how getting curious can help you escape the narrowed-view culture we’re surrounded by. Gaining knowledge will help put you in charge of your experiences.

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