EP 422: Reader Question – How can alcohol be a depressant when it makes me happy?

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Alcohol is a super complex substance. We have all been told it’s a depressant, but it is also a stimulant—which can provide moments of relaxation, relief and happiness. Are the highs and lows of alcohol worth the price?

Tune in to hear Annie explain the journey your blood alcohol level takes when you consume your first drink. And why it can have diminishing returns leaving you with many more moments of feeling down than up.

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Highlights of How Can Alcohol Be a Depressant When It Makes Me Happy?

Your moments of happiness can be greatly outweighed by the depressant effects of alcohol. Check out the highlights for more:

  • Mapping your history of drinking can reveal a lot
  • Annie relates with her story of countering postpartum depression with drinking
  • Stimulant/ “buzz” lasts for an average of 20 min – Blood Alcohol Level is rising
  • BAL levels off and depressant kicks in – Restless/uncomfortable feeling
  • Often we continue drinking to counteract these negative feelings
  • Diminishing returns – 20 minutes of positive feelings become less as you drink more
  • You now exchange a few minutes of happiness with several hours of discomfort/sadness
  • Time your own experience to map it out for yourself!

There’s More!

Listen to the end of this podcast to find out why your brain likes to pin blame on other circumstances; instead of naming alcohol as the culprit to your lousy feelings.

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