EP 420: Reader Question – Why do I drink even though I don’t want to?

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Annie breaks down a complex reader question with an easy-to-digest story. Find out why bison hunting and gathering raspberries can explain why your brain makes you think you want a drink even when you actually don’t want one. Start combating this instinct with new knowledge today!

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Highlights of Why Do I Drink Even Though I Don’t Want To?

The brain is a survival machine and will always be one for good reason, but in order to re-wire a deeply learned habit of survival we must gain new knowledge. Find out what we mean in the highlights:

  • Bison hunting and gathering raspberries is a story that explains survival well
  • Your brain has learned that drinking alcohol = feeling good/survival
  • Dopamine in the brain leaves you wanting/craving it
  • The feedback loop in the brain leaves you doing it again and again
  • Dopamine increases your WANT for alcohol, but your LIKE decreases over time
  • New knowledge works with the brain to change emotion
  • If you change the emotion that drinking = feeling good you can change desire/LIKE

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Listen to the entire podcast to find out what other addictions have similar craving triggers and how you can use this same technique to combat the feedback loop in your brain.

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