EP 417: Naked Life Story – Amy A.

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Alcohol was Amy’s partner in stress relief until she realized managing it was so much easier with a non-alcoholic beverage in hand.

Find out how Amy is now advocating for NA varieties in her local hospitality venues and driving the momentum for change as a consumer.

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Highlights of Driving the NA Beverage Momentum – Amy A.’s Story

Drinking NA beverages doesn’t have to mean you’re pushing mocktail narrative, it can just mean that you demand variety in your AF life. Check out the highlights of Amy’s life to find out how variety helped her become successful along her path to freedom :

  • Moved away from home for University – Strong alcohol culture
  • Met husband – Drinking buddy
  • After birth of daughter – Time away necessary
  • Resulted in: Blackouts, leaving work and hospital visits
  • Cycle of stress and fear caused her to spiral out of control
  • Rehab – Introduced to TNM podcast
  • Met a friend who was AF – Thought too good to be true
  • Started The Alcohol Experiment – Flipped a switch
  • NA drink options became her ‘suit of armor’
  • Started website and advocating for NA varieties in local businesses

There’s More

Listen to the entire podcast to find out how you can get involved in driving the NA beverage momentum. Also, check out an AF brand that Annie finds super refreshing!

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