EP 402: Reader Question – How do I turn down free drinks?

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Today’s question comes from a reader who is no longer tempted to drink during the week or drink at home but still worries about how to navigate situations where alcohol is expected to be part of the overall experience. She is frequently wined and dined for work and isn’t sure how to handle events and turning down free drinks. Listen as Annie Grace shares her thoughts.

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Highlights of How Do I Turn Down Free Drinks?

Drinking and business, or even all-inclusive vacations are usually flowing with liquor and wine – all for free! We all like free. You might find yourself wondering how do I turn down free drinks without looking ungracious or feeling deprived? Here are the highlights from Annie’s podcast on this.

  • Annie’s personal experience with business and drinking
  • Learning how to turn down free drinks using The ACT Technique
  • There has to a first time to everything
  • The true cost of free drinks
  • How they are feeling is a reflection of what is going on inside them
  • Learning how to say yes to a drink but no to alcohol

More on How Do I Turn Down Free Drinks

It isn’t enough to be able to turn down a drink, it needs to come from a place where it isn’t painful to do it. Listen to the podcast for great advice from Annie on how to get to that point!

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