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From the casual party scene in Miami where ladies drink free to drinking every weeknight with dinner and day drinking on the weekends, Jeanne found herself more and more surrounded by alcohol as she got older. The question was never if she and her friends were going to drink, it was what they were going to drink. And, she was repeatedly turning to alcohol to soothe the pain it was causing her. Listen as Jeanne shares her story with Annie Grace and they talk about how wine made from grapes becomes the same thing we put in our cars’ gas tanks, how rules can both serve us and be a barrier to progress, and how to reconcile the religious, cultural, and historical roles of alcohol with the choice to abstain from drinking.


Hi, it’s Annie Grace. I wanted to interrupt this podcast, I guess the end of this podcast, to say that if you are totally serious about actually truly and forevermore transforming your relationship with alcohol, really leaving it behind in the rear view mirror for once and forever, and changing your psychology about it, we have a program called The PATH that is created specifically for you.

Now it’s not for you if you are still dabbling or still trying to figure out where you want to be or maybe even still want to moderate.

All those things are fine, but if you are beyond that and you’re like, “No, I just want to be done with this. I’m ready to invest some time and I’m ready to just make this happen.” I want you to check out nakedmindpath.com, and join us in The PATH where you receive coach-guided and community support so that you can truly make this lasting change you want in your life. And as always, rate, review, and subscribe to this podcast as it truly helps the message reach somebody who might need to hear it today.

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Highlights of Surrounded by Alcohol – Jeanne’s Naked Life

Jeanne, like many of us, felt surrounded by alcohol. It became part of everyday life and took over until This Naked Mind helped her take back control. Here are the highlights of our talk:

  • single in Miami
  • a casual drinker slowly turns into more
  • surrounded by alcohol at every occasion
  • beginning to question drinking at the 3 am wake up call
  • wanting a better life
  • how do I do it?
  • Discovering This Naked Mind
  • finding freedom
  • getting into the deep questions and reconciling beliefs

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Tune into the complete podcast to hear how Jeanne learned to stop being influenced even when surrounded by alcohol.

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