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As a kid, Darren saw alcohol normalized by his father and frowned upon by his mother. By 13 years old, he was going to the pubs. In his later teens, he drank to get drunk. When a sales career where he could drink pints at lunch crossed his path, Darren leapt at it. Over the years, Darren’s drinking increased – he would give sales presentations to secure large contracts and not remember them the next day. After a breakdown in 2014, Darren stepped away from the job. But his drinking continued and worsened. He tried to stop for years, exploring different programs and even taking a bizarre trip to another country to meet his AA sponsor and work the 12 steps. Eventually, Darren explored Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – he shares what it is and how it helped him.

OK, honesty time. Let me ask you … Did the pandemic change your relationship with alcohol? Maybe you started drinking more than usual? Maybe you started using it as a way to cope with isolation or stress. The truth is, a lot of people did. You are not alone. Are you ready to take back control of your drinking in a post-pandemic world and still be able to enjoy life as things reopen? The answer is not in restriction or deprivation. You can break your pandemic patterns and habits and finally feel liberated from alcohol.

As we begin to emerge from a very challenging 15 months, you can return to a life where alcohol is small and irrelevant for you, a non-issue. Take the first step and join us for a very special and completely free 5-day virtual event from June 14-18: We will be teaching you exactly How to Get Back in Control of Your Drinking Post Pandemic. Save your spot by June 13th at controlalcohollive.com. We can’t wait to see you there! 

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Highlights of Using NLP to Stop Drinking

Using NLP to stop drinking helped Darren immensely – that isn’t all we talk about though! Here are the highlights!

  • Drinking at 13 and drinking to get drunk
  • A career in sales = a career in drinking
  • Drinking to avoid dealing with emotions
  • Drinking takes over Darren’s life
  • Blackout, Burnout, Breakdown
  • Changing careers but not the drinking
  • Hitting the breaking point
  • Using NLP to stop drinking
  • The Uni of Life and Finding Your Sober Bubble

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