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On this month’s coaching episode, This Naked Mind Head Coach Scott Pinyard welcomes This Naked Mind Senior Coach Rob Wolman as his guest host. After a brief discussion about Rob’s specialized approach to shifting your mindset, they answer two great questions:

  1. How do people quit drinking among those who are continuing to drink?
  2. Can we talk about how many times I’ve tried to quit? How can I shake the feeling that trying this is just a waste of time?

And, finally, Scott tosses his signature curveball question to Rob.


So, if you asked me about the one thing that makes This Naked Mind so different from anything else I would have to say emotion. Is the emotion people feel when they’re really ready to make a change, when they’ve had that mindset shift, when they’ve gone through all the materials and the methodology, and they get this feeling that they’re never going to get to drink again, they let that go and they think, “Oh my gosh, I never have to drink again.” That change in emotion.

And honestly, according to all sorts of new research, it is emotion, especially positive emotion more than anything else that predicates how long a change in our behavior will stick, how long it will last. It’s emotion. And so when you feel excited about a change in your life, when you’re thrilled, you’re making this new different change instead of feeling deprived or like you’ve been missing out, everything changes.

And that’s really what makes This Naked Mind stick for the long-term. That’s what makes it so different is we focus on how you feel and truly change your emotion around drinking. And if that sounds interesting to you, I want you to check out our self guided PATH at nakedmindpath.com. Enrollment in this program is closing on June 11th. So you don’t want to miss it. It’s closing now. And this is the path to changing your emotion and changing your feelings so that you can really truly find freedom in your relationship with alcohol.

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Highlights of Shifting Your Mindset with Rob Wolman

Shifting your mindset is pivotal in changing your relationship with alcohol. This Naked Mind coach Rob Wolman shares how he helps others succeed at it. Here are the highlights.

  •  your thoughts are powerful, and you have power over your thoughts
  • shifting your mindset happens on multiple levels
  • locus of control
  • You’re making a healthy choice
  • Alcohol is the ultimate loan shark
  • connecting with your values
  • is all this a waste of time?
  • There are benefits to the process

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