EP 384: Reader Question – What’s Different About This Naked Mind? Part 2

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Since our first podcast about what makes This Naked Mind different, Annie Grace has received some follow-up questions. Is This Naked Mind addiction treatment? Is it a rehab? Will it make me sober? Can it be part of my recovery? How can I use the three pillars of change to stop drinking alcohol? Today, Annie shares some very important distinctions about This Naked Mind – what it is and what it is not.

Hey, it’s Annie Grace. I want to tell you about the most important book that I never wrote. I mean that. This is This Naked Life. It is 48 true stories of people finding freedom from alcohol. And, it’s so inspiring. It’s our stories, as you know from this podcast, that truly change us, that revolutionize what we believe is possible for ourselves. So, it’s This Naked Life. You can find it on Amazon, or check it out online at nakedlifestories.com. And every single copy, all the proceeds, are 100% committed to keeping The Alcohol Experiment forever free for anybody who needs it. Check it out. It’s such an inspirational book.

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Highlights of What is Different About This Naked Mind?

Learning what is different about This Naked Mind can help you understand why it can work for you!

  • value individual goals over sobriety
  • create goals based on how you want to feel
  • focus on emotion and thinking aspect of the relationship with alcohol
  • habit change and wellness
  • no rules
  • science-based compassion-led information
  • positive emotion facilitates change

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