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On today’s episode, Annie Grace talks with This Naked Mind Coach Jim. Introduced to beer when he was about 10 years old, Jim remembers getting to have a few sips on holidays and special occasions. He used fake IDs in the late 60s and early 70s when driver’s licenses were paper and changing your birth date was simple. Always a beer drinker, Jim started making wine and using it to quiet anxiety and help him sleep following his divorce. A pharmacist for more than 40 years, Jim recalls patients handing him back their medication when he told them they couldn’t drink alcohol while taking it. Now “faster and funnier” without alcohol, today Jim helps others find freedom from alcohol or, as he puts it, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Hi. Super exciting news. So The Alcohol Experiment book is being released. Actually, it got released just a few days ago with the expanded edition. What does expanded edition mean? It means that every single day throughout the book there are deep reflective journal entries that have been added with space to write. So cool and so exciting. So you really make it your own. I truly believe the deepest wisdom you access throughout the 30 days of The Alcohol Experiment comes from within you. You know more about what’s best for you than anybody else in the entire world. Sometimes that can be hard to believe but when you really access your own wisdom it is so profound. So you can pick up your own copy at alcoholexperimentbook.com and check it out. It’s really powerful.

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Highlights of Beer at 10 – Jim’s Naked Life

Jim was introduced to beer at 10 and the party kept going until he realized he needed his freedom from alcohol.

  • from beer at 10 to making homemade wine
  • fake ideas and social drinking
  • the perils of drinking and driving
  • weekend binge drinking and weekday withdrawals
  • Drinking himself beyond a normal drinker
  • Divorce, distress, and finding freedom from alcohol
  • helping others find their pot of gold

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