EP 374: Reader Question – Is it possible to quit cold turkey?

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Can someone really quit drinking cold turkey? Just stop and not start again? Is it possible? Is it safe? First and foremost, if you are at all concerned that you might suffer withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking, talk to a doctor first. In this episode, Annie Grace describes who falls into the group of people most likely to need medical assistance detoxing from alcohol, and she explains what happens during both the physical and mental aspects of quitting drinking.

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Highlights of Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

The idea of quitting alcohol cold turkey can be unsettling to some. Annie shares what science has to say and her best advice when considering quitting.

  • Physical factors when you stop drinking
  • Emotional factors when you stop drinking
  • When to seek medical attention
  • Who needs to worry when quitting alcohol cold turkey.
  • What makes the difference when you choose to stop drinking
  • How The Alcohol Experiment helps
  • The mindset shift

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