EP 372: Reader Question – Where can I find support?

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What does it take to succeed in changing your relationship with alcohol? And, where can someone who wants to quit drinking find support? Annie Grace shares the two fundamental differences in how people approach stopping drinking, the three key things that are vital in changing the way you approach alcohol, and where to find support along the way.

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Highlights of where to find support to quit drinking

Where can you find support to quit drinking if the traditional route doesn’t appeal to you? What other options exist? Annie answers.

  • Three key things in changing your relationship with alcohol, whether you want to stop or you want to moderate
  • Two fundamental differences in how people approach stopping drinking
  • The pain threshold
  • Find support to quit drinking by getting curious
  • Why am I doing this to begin with?
  • Why does this thing seem to have power over me that nothing else seems to have?
  • Why do I spend so much time thinking about drinking?
  • Why is drinking such a key aspect in my life?
  • What is going on here?
  • How to dig deeper

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