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Two Annies today! Annie Grace talks with Annie who marked her one year This Naked Mind anniversary the week this episode was recorded. Looking back, Annie sees clearly a time when drinking occupied very little space in her head. But in the 15 plus years since becoming a mother, her relationship with alcohol changed dramatically. She found herself working very hard to make sure there was room for drinking every day even if it meant missing a child’s sports event, how reading This Naked Mind changed everything, and what life is like on the other side of alcohol. 

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Highlights of Life on the Other Side of Alcohol with Annie

When we’re drinking it is hard to imagine what life on the other side of alcohol will look and feel like. Annie shares how it is better than she ever imagined here. Check out the highlights:

  • Drinking at 14 and always surrounded by alcohol
  • Isolated by a move, becoming a mom, and leaving her job
  • Always watching her drinking and knowing her limits
  • Becoming emotionally dependent on alcohol
  • Drinking more to cure the boredom
  • Is it the alcohol?
  • Beginning to question her drinking
  • This Naked Mind made it click
  • All the benefits of life on the other side of alcohol

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