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Born and raised in Switzerland, Barbara is a married mom of an adult daughter. Her first exposure to alcohol was when she was 17 years old, working in Italy as an au pair. She didn’t like how tired it made her. She got into climbing and loved the natural high – drinking beer and wine after climbs was part of the culture but wasn’t something Barbara enjoyed. After marriage and childbirth, though, she fell into a pattern of using alcohol to relax at the end of the day. When menopause hit, Barbara began to wonder what alcohol was really doing to her physically and emotionally. Her curiosity led her to read This Naked Mind – what she learned gave her freedom from alcohol. Trained as a midwife in Switzerland where she was hospital-based, and now working as a doula (referring to herself as the Amygdala Whisperer) in the United States, Barbara was amazed to find so many neuroscientific similarities between giving birth and quitting drinking.

Hey, it’s Annie Grace. I want to tell you about the most important book that I never wrote. I mean that. This is This Naked Life. It is 48 true stories of people finding freedom from alcohol. And, it’s so inspiring. It’s our stories, as you know from this podcast, that truly change us, that revolutionize what we believe is possible for ourselves. So, it’s This Naked Life. You can find it on Amazon, or check it out online at nakedlifestories.com. And every single copy, all the proceeds, are 100% committed to keeping The Alcohol Experiment forever free for anybody who needs it. Check it out. It’s such an inspirational book.

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Highlights of Finding The Natural High Again with Barbara

Barbara went back to finding a natural high after alcohol stopped making her feel good. Here’s the highlights of our talk.

  • For the longest time drinking wasn’t an issue
  • The natural high from climbing
  • Surrounded by a drinking culture
  • Falling into the drinking trap in parenthood
  • Coming unbalanced
  • Searching for the natural high again

There’s more

The highlights never give you the full story! Listen to the complete podcast to hear how Barbara has found freedom and is embracing life now.

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