EP 364: Reader Question – Do I have to choose between being alcohol free or my relationship?

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A reader writes: “How can I remain alcohol-free when my spouse tries to sabotage my efforts? He buys me drinks when we eat out and buys my favorite liquor and has it waiting for me when I get home. I haven’t had a drink yet, but I feel like I have to choose between my health or my relationship.” Is it intentional sabotage or there something else underneath this behavior? How can you better understand why a spouse might encourage you to drink and communicate your expectations of them? Annie Grace shares her thoughts about how couples can navigate what feels like a battle when one partner stops drinking and the other doesn’t.

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Highlights of being alcohol free in a relationship

Being alcohol free in a relationship can be such a struggle especially when your partner isn’t supportive. Annie offers her insight.

  • Being alcohol free in a relationship where your partner still drinks upsets the balance.
  • There is difficulty in relationships when one spouse stops drinking.
  • University of Buffalo study says, “If one partner’s a heavy drinker and the other isn’t, couples are more likely to break up than if both partners have the same drinking habits. Nearly 50% divorce rate, versus 30% when they have the same drinking habits.”
  • Change for a marriage can be seen as a threat. It really is a good thing.
  • When we know better, we can do better.
  • Communicate expectations when alcohol free in a relationship
  • Offer reassurances

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