EP 360: Reader Question – I am drinking again and can’t stop … help!

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Today’s question is one Annie Grace hears a lot. A reader writes that they are drinking again and can’t seem to stop. Quitting the first time was easy and they thought they could have one or two and now they’re stuck drinking again. How can this process be worth it if you feel like you keep failing at it? Why continue down this road if all you do is keep hitting bumps? Start by remembering the journey to finding freedom from alcohol is not a straight line, and listen as Annie shares a few ideas for dealing with the twists and turns.

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Highlights Episode 360 – Why Did I Start Drinking Again?

It’s easy to beat ourselves up when we start drinking again but that never gets us very far. Annie offers great advice on what to do instead!

  • The journey isn’t linear
  • It can be years of trying to drink less, trying to moderate behavior, trying to change behavior, trying to take breaks
  • Why am I doing this, to begin with?
  • Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.
  • Get rid of the false belief that this should be easy
  • Sometimes the bumps in the road are actually part of the journey.
  • We learn so much more when something happens that we would categorize as a failure or a mistake
  • Just because you start drinking again doesn’t mean you failed
  • We only learn when we stop and get curious and ask why.
  • You can fix what’s broken.

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