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When Evan began drinking in high school at age 16, he thought alcohol was the greatest thing on Earth. He found it easy to balance everything in his world – social life, academics, a part-time job, sports. In college partying became more important, and he barely graduated. As he began his career, Evan worked hard and played hard, committed to never changing his drinking. Then stuff started happening. A drunken fall left his ankle permanently damaged. He began wetting the bed. Drove under the influence. He drank to excess with his dad who then ended up hospitalized with chest pains. By this time, Evan was a husband and a father. He caught up with a college friend at a party – the friend had stopped drinking and credited This Naked Mind with his success. A few months later, Evan decided to address the monster in his life. He and Annie talk about how he became unstuck, found freedom from alcohol, and the wisdom of a local hero that keeps him focused on the present.

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Highlights of Trapped by Alcohol – Evan’s Naked Life

After 25 years of a drinking and partying lifestyle, Evan felt trapped by alcohol. Thanks to a chance encounter with a college friend, he found freedom from alcohol with This Naked Mind.

  • Starting off as a high school drinker before progressing to a college partier
  • Following the progression from weekend binge drinker to daily drinker
  • A devastating alcohol-fueled injury with lifelong repercussions
  • The shame of bedwetting in his 30s
  • Realizing that moments are precious, few, and fleeting
  • Envious that a friend could just walk away from alcohol
  • Planting a seed of freedom with This Naked Mind
  • Embracing that you don’t have to spend life trapped by alcohol
  • Overwhelming gratitude and euphoria for the freedom
  • Ultimately choosing to be open and transparent about the journey

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Evan credits listening to the podcast as an important part of healing from being trapped by alcohol. Tune into the full podcast to learn how his life looks now that he’s free from the trap!

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